Monday, August 17, 2015

Tomato Ketchup

While growing up, I have fond memories of my mother buying several kgs of tomatoes in peak season. She would make ketchup in few batches and couple of days later, freeze would be stocked up with ketchup jars. I hardly remember having store bought ketchup.

My daughter has taken up after me and she wants to have ketchup whenever I open the refrigerator. I am always hesitant after certain point as store bought ones are always full of preservatives. Though I always had homemade ketchup during my childhood/teenage days, ironically, it never occurred to me to do the same for my daughter until my mom suggested.

I tried with just couple of tomatoes first. It came out good so I tried in large quantity with farm fresh tomatoes. Result?Happy mother and happy daughter!

Yields: 3-4 cup
Preparation Time: 10 Minute
Cooking Time: 1 Hour

2 lb ripe tomatoes
2 tsp lemon juice

For Spice Bag,
2 dried red chili
2-3 cloves of garlic
4 pc cloves

1. Put all the spices in muslin cloth and fasten it thoroughly
2. Cut tomatoes into large cubes
3. Add salt, lemon juice and spice bag to tomatoes and pressure cook them for 3 whistles
4. once cool down completely, remove spice bag
5. Grind tomatoes into fine puree and strain it
6. Heat the puree in a thick bottom pan. Taste it and adjust salt/sugar quantity
7. Cook it on medium flame stirring constantly
8. To check if it is cooked, pour a drop in a plate. If it doesn't leave water at edges, you are all set and turn off the heat
9. It stays good for at least couple of months in refrigerator

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