Friday, July 15, 2011

Corn Panki

Corn Panki is Corn and Soji pancakes steamed between banana leaves. This quick, easy and healthy yet delicious fix is perfect for breakfast, brunch or even light supper. As I do not have banana leaves, instead of steaming I fried them on griddle with very little oil.

Long ago when I was looking for healthy recipes I came across this one. I exactly followed the recipe (which used only Soji and Plain Flour) but did not find the end product very appealing since it was not crispy. So I thought to add rice flour to have crispy Panki and also added more whole corn kernel to feel the corn in every bite. So here is my version of Corn Panki..

Make 8 6" Panki
Preparation Time: 15 Minute
Cooking Time: 30 Minute

1 cup rice flour
2 tsp oji
4 tsp plain flour
1.5 cup + 2 tbsp corn kernels
1 tsp green chili paste
1/2 tsp ginge paste
2 tbsp chopped coriander leaves
1/4 tsp roastd cumin powder
2 tsp curd
Oil for frying

1. Mix all three flours and sieve them
2. Roughly chop 1.5 cup corn kernels using chopper and add to flour
3. Add remaining ingredients and mix well
4. Add water and mix well for thick consistent batter (like pancake)
5. Fry panki on griddle on both sides until crispy and light brown
6.Serve hot with curd/chutney

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