Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stonewell Kitchen

The other day we went to National Harbor. I fell in love with this place not only because of Harbor beauty but also because of small designer shops across the street. One among them was Stonewell Kitchen. I had always heard about Gourmet Kitchen Ingredients, but never happened to see where they are actually sold. Watching food network always makes me curious, what kinds of spices are being used by big chefs? I had also read about Ina Garten, that before becoming full-time chef, she and her husband owned a gourmet kitchen shop in NY for about 18 years. We spent about 15 Minute inside the shop and I was completely mesmerized by its arrangement, it was no less elegant and stylish than any designer boutique!!

They had different sections for different kinds of jams, sauces, dips, salsa, dressings and finally, some utensils. The beauty is that you can almost taste everything. They offer you to taste all the varieties with cheese crackers. I did not buy anything this time, but next time I’m gonna buy some salsa and dip mix for sure. Now I know what to buy :)

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