Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Tasty Twists

Under this section, I am going to write some simple and easy ways to make your dish tastier and more elegant. It happens (At least with me) lots of times that I am craving for something different but do not have much time to cook. Even if I come up with some idea, I do not have required ingredient(s) at home. So I will try to create a difference with what I have in less amount of time.

• Add handful leaves of Kasoori Methi while kneading chapatti dough. They taste very yummy with North Indian Curries.

• While making Pasta Salad (With beans and veggies) without using readymade vinaigrette, add little taco sauce. Along with cheese, it will offer creamy texture and hot flavor.

• Use half yogurt and half sour cream in Kadhi, Handvo and Dhokla

• Use a little green bean in Pav bhaji (Just 8-10 pc). Boil them with other veggies

• While making whole wheat paratha, add little plain flour and use yogurt to knead dough. (1 cup whole wheat flour = 1 tsp plain flour = 1 tbsp yogurt)

• While making Pulao/Biryani, add sprouts along with veggies. This will make Pulao more filling, more nutritious and even tastier

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