Monday, April 4, 2011

100 Recipes!

100 recipes in less than a year..that too juggling between home and work! It indeed feels great. I just want to stop by and share things about me and my blog.

My mom had always been very much strict about me learning cooking. I hardly paid any attention in the beginning, but after a while cooking started giving feelings of satisfaction and independence. Then I decided to learn all those dishes which I like very much, so I do not have to buy them or be dependent on someone to make them for me.  I got basic training from my mom but I actually started cooking on regular basis during my stay in Mumbai. For more than 2 years, we cooked lunch and dinner every day amidst heavy work load. This gave me confidence that I can cook every day if required. I became very independent after I got married and came to US. I was the sole authority of the kitchen and very well utilized time exploring different cuisines and grocery stores during my earlier days (When I was not yet working). My mom always told me about a marriage that a way to man’s heart is via stomach. And luckily, I got a perfect match. A husband who could admire any experiment I carry out in the kitchen.

Whenever my experiments turned out successful, I started taking a picture and sharing it with my mom. Once in a while mom would ask me for the recipe and I would feel so proud about it. Once when I was arranging all recipes in a cookbook, I thought why not to start the blog. I was not sure how far I could go with this so until now I did not even publish or share it with friends. But today I am happy to write here.

I started this blog to note down only variety recipes. I do have some every day recipes when they turned out exceptionally delicious. I have noted down recipes only after successfully trying them out. I believe, cooking is an art but anyone with interest can excel at it with patience and practice. Cooking a tasty dish once in a while with help is not a big deal. But cooking everyday and managing everything from grocery to cleaning, avoiding any waste of food, making sure about nutrition, bringing variety and keeping budget factor in mind is some task.

This blog has made me more disciplined and meticulous about what I cook. I am looking forward to many more recipes

Happy cooking and happy eating and now, happy writing!

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