Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Farsi Puri

These puris are healthy, quite filling and quite easy to make. Though I have been making these puris quite often, I was never completely satisfied. And yeah, yesterday I found out the mistake. So far I was using coarse rava and maida to make the dough. But now I know, I should use only rava-coarse and fine rava combination.

Make about 30 puris
Preparation Time: 10 minute
Cooking Time: 45 minute

¼ cup coarse rava (soji)
½ cup fine rava
1 tsp coarsely grated pepper
1 tsp coarsely grated cumin seeds
2 tbsp ghee
Oil for frying

1. Mix above all ingredients and sieve it thoroughly
2. With warm water, knead dough, like puri
3. Divide it into small balls and roll puris
4. Let these puris dry for about 30-40 minutes (So they consume less oil while frying)
5. Deep fry until golden brown

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  1. Enlighten me. Puri vanti vakhte chhonte to ataman levay (eni frying per shu asar thaye?) ke lot bandhti vakhate tel/ghee vadhare nakine lot smooth banavano?