Monday, August 30, 2010

Dahi Puri

Though I am into healthy food (Most of the times :)) I can never say no to any kind of Chat – be it Pani Puri, Bhel,Sev Puri or Dahi Puri. I had some leftover sprouts and puris and it couldn’t be better having Dahi Puri for Sunday evening snacks. It was completely homemade this time, including Puris, Curd and of course, Chutney. I added boiled chickpeas for little twist and it came out indeed yummy.

Makes 25 Dahi Puris
Preparation Time – 15 minute (Provided Sprouts and Chutney are ready)
Cooking Time: Nil

For Stuffing
¼ cup મગ and મઠ(Soak, sprout and pressure cook them)
1/8 cup chickpeas (Soak and pressure cook them)
1/ 4 cup potatoes (Boil and finely chopped)
Salt, Lemon Juice and Cumin Powder per taste

¼ cup Tamarind Chutney
¼ Cup Curd
½ Cup Sev
25 Puris

For Garnishing
Chat Masala
Red Chili Powder
Coriander Leaves

1. Mix sprouts, chickpeas, potatoes along with spices to make stuffing
2. Beat Curd, add pinch of sugar and Salt
3. Prick Puris, put ½ tsp stuffing
4. Add Chutney and Curd, each ¼ tsp
5. Sprinkle Sev
6. Garnish with coriander leaves, red chili powder and chat masala
7. Serve immediately

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