Friday, August 13, 2010

Puri for Pani Puri

If I am asked about my favorite dish, my answer would be ‘pani puri’ without hesitation. In India, we would get readymade puri and job becomes much easier. But after coming to US, I never was happy with store bought ones.

So I started making them at home. It was little tedious and time consuming job as I used to roll individual puris (As opposed to rolling big and cutting). But hard work was nothing compared to satisfaction. Once I became pro (meaning almost all puris will puff up), I invested in tortilla maker. Now my job has become faster and more efficient. 

Makes about 150 puris
Preparation Time: 10 minute
Cooking time: 1 hour

1 lb fine soji
Oil for frying

1. Mix soji and salt and knead soft dough using warm water
2. Dough should be on softer side since it tends to get harder because of soji
3. Divide dough in equal portions, roll them into small puris
4. Before rolling puri, make sure to knead dough as much as you can. Keep it covered using wet cloth all the time
5. Fry puris on medium flame until they are light brown and crispy
6. Store in tight container, they remain fresh for 3-4 months

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